The Best Cruise Ship

The Best Cruise Ship
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Sailing Performance Analysis of Code Compliance, SOLAS Safety, CDC Health and Sanitation, Cruise Ship Web Resources

Cruise Ship Customer Service
Cruise Ship Compliance
Cruise Ship Safety
The Best Cruise Ship
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Cruise Ship Sanitation
Cruise Ship Web Resources




The Best Cruise Ship

Sailing Performance Analysis of Code Compliance, SOLAS Safety, CDC Health and Sanitation, Cruise Ship Web Resources

The Best Cruise Ship Analysis - The Best Cruise Ship Health Safety Record Analysis with SOLAS United States Coast Guard Inspections and Better Business Bureau Statistics Ranking.

The Best Cruise Ship results from a massive collection of government and private entities. They are the best at making the seas safer, collecting and understanding the meaning of their hard work has taken us years. Roughly translated you can now see more about tour ships and take your really cool vacation idea to the next level. Your vacation tour and travel package can be planned with more confidence when you know more of a cruise ship's history.

The statistical significance of data collected applies to everyday travelers, ship's crew, peer fleet members and cruise lines. As you scan cruise ship reports and studies here to form patterns, you'll find a positive influence emerge in your next vacation idea. If you're searching for family, couple or singles information, what you'll find is arguably the best single source of its' kind on the web.

Cruise ships are evaluated on factual records for safety, sea worthiness, government compliance, sanitation, health, customer service, usability and the available resources in technology or websites.

Many elements in a study have fixed values based on government and private data resources. Scores assigned are leveraged to provide the fairest comparisons against competitors or a ship's previous standing. Studies, events and incident counts may be assigned incremental values to more accurately reflect severity of incidents. When this is done, penalties are aligned with other infractions and cross-referenced between studies in hopes of providing more accurate reflections and ranking based on the significance or accumulation of infractions.

The goal of our analysis is to collect and present our research without favoritism in a manner that is easy to follow, trend and monitor progression. The more critical data we collect is based on individual ship's performance records. Understanding a cruise ship history can provide a relation to how historical events affected other people and their dream vacations.

Statistics are based almost completely off data collected as ships moved through U.S. waters. Records are sporadic outside US waters so we only select ships with records of passing through US waters viable for analysis.

For a simplified example of our analysis, a cruise ship sails into U.S. Waters where it's inspected and scored very high in all areas for the CDC but minor infraction with the US Coast Guard dropped the near perfect standing. When you consider a ship's average score over the wider range, that minor infraction may not prevent them from attaining the first place ranking.

The current best cruise ship study includes 151 cruise ships that move through U.S. ports during this study period of January 1, 2012 through April 12, 2013.

After a complete analysis we sorted cruise ships from top to bottom based on this criteria:

Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS) Violations are commonly the result of incidents involving pollution, collisions, groundings, sinking, fires, persons overboard, passenger and crew injuries, deaths and other incidents.

These findings are reflections of a ship's ability to prepare for, prevent or deal with largely avoidable incidents quickly or appropriately. Properly managed incidents by dedicated and experienced crew members can be the difference in control over a situation or an epidemic that endangers passengers, crew and the environment that directly contacts the ship.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Sanitation Inspections, final scores and numbers of infractions are scored. High inspection scores can be handed out by the CDC in spite of dozens of infractions, some of which can be serious, we combine sanitation score infraction counts and average them across the number of records for a ship's inspections.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Recorded Epidemics are evaluated by percentage of passengers and percentage of crew. This data is recorded by the CDC only when conditions are beyond base standards set by the CDC and they are considered, “reportable outbreaks” as not all outbreaks are reportable. For our purposes outbreaks that exceed three percent infection rate among passengers requiring CDC reports are broken in two scores; The one for crew is rated in their ability to maintain their own health with superior personal sanitation standards, in the face of an epidemic. The second score is based on the level of spread documented in CDC records with passenger numbers as the epidemic or the multiples of epidemics continue to spread through a ship.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Complaints and percentage of those complaints that were resolved to customer satisfaction comprised the four section of the study. These numbers will often reflect penalties assigned by the BBB against cruise lines. Alternate points can be assigned if a cruise ship or cruise line fails to meet basic commitments for customer resolutions have unresolved issues or poor response records for complaint resolution. The high offender cruise ships and lines experience high complaint counts and low resolutions percentages that translate to the lower recorded scores for customer satisfaction.

Website Usability and ease of use is the final area of consideration. Here we are looking primarily for a website that gives the consumer an easy to find, wide range of information that will enable informed consent before a ticket purchase. Also considered, is the ease of booking online directly from the cruise line and customer service options on the website for issues during or after the cruise.

The second study currently underway began April 13, 2013. Cruise lines and their ships have the opportunity in these coming months to compete with themselves and other cruise lines for the best ranking.